Friday, February 28, 2020

What Coding Means for Reimbursement in a Physicians Office Essay

What Coding Means for Reimbursement in a Physicians Office - Essay Example This process entails building of patient’s medical records whilst under the care of the practitioners. The medical coders must adhere to the correct procedures of coding to come up with standardized codes, which are recognizable by the insurance companies. Having this information easily identifies the correct codes that are used, which are universal. Proper coding will indeed reduce any events of failure that may result from coding. Buck is of the opinion that medical coding, in this case, is needed to ensure that proper checks are conducted3 and thus to make it easier for the insurance companies to review and assess the patients’ claims. Medical coders ensure that all blood work and diagnostics performed by medical doctors consist of the required coding and are correct and standardized. This relates to the fact that medical coding allows for the use of the correct codes and data and, consequently, effectual review of all claims that are submitted4. The set codes are then used to encode all claims that health insurers receive. In the laboratory, medical coding has played the role of reviewing the tests that medical practitioners prepare to conduct. Through coding, doctors are able to carefully assess the tests and the help of medical coders. Close collaboration between medical coders and doctors makes it easier to double-check the entire process in case of any complications in the paperwork. Additionally, this coding process through team work ensures that there are minimal delays in the payments made whilst in the laboratory. Time is also well spent in this process of review, which is of great use in the medical world. It can be concluded that medical coding is a process that should be undertaken with utmost deference by all medical practitioners if a small number of complications and cases are to be characteristic of any medical facility. All

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