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The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Fall Of The Roman Empire - Essay Example Much is known about the history of the early Greek, but nothing much is known about the early history of Rome prior to B.C.753. The culture that was built by the Romans is called classical and they could make a vast empire in Rome. The mythological history of Rome states that it was built by Romulus and Remus, the twin wolfs. As the idiom, ‘Rome was not built in one day’, depicts the duration of building the Roman Empire. The hard work and organized enthusiasm of the Romans could make a great empire that reached far and across the world. As the building of the empire took many years it took years for the fall of the empire too. The Romans were not great thinkers as the Greek but were men of sound commonsense and mighty action. The Romans were fine soldiers and were organized well and this enabled them to build a mighty Roman empire. They were the people who had exceptional skill in administrative levels and statesmanship which enabled them to rule many countries far and across Rome. The generals and statesmen like Julius Caesar and Augustus could extend the boundaries of the empire to other side of the world. Their capacity to rule the different nations of language and creed was one of the successes of their culture and civilization. Due to the expansion of the Empire it was divided into two- the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman empire. The Roman Empire lasted for five centuries. The fall of Roman Empire happened in 476 A.D. Even after the fall of Roman Empire that happened in the Western side the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) continued for 1000 more years. The final fall of the empire took place when Constantinople, which was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the year A.D. 1453. The fall of the Roman Empire was a gradual process. Many reasons are associated with the fall of this great Empire. The reasons for the fall of Roman Empire: The long history of the Roman Empire tells the ups and downs of the empire. As it took many years to build the nation it took rather same years to the destruction of the nation. There are so many major and minor reasons that caused the decline of the vast empire. The major reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire are given below. Weak rulers: Among the five centuries of Roman rule 200 years witnessed the golden rule of the emperors whereas the remaining 300 years the empire was on the death bed. As the empire was wide great rulers had to be there, but the number of the great rulers were less in Rome. This resulted in loose maintaining of peace in the country. Of course Rome was ruled by the mighty leaders like Augustus, Julius Caesar, Diocletian, Theodosius the Great, and Marcus Aurelius. But these generals were few in number and for every great ruler there were dozens of weak rulers. In the history of five centuries in about 84 emperors ruled Rome and among them only a few are counted to be good and efficient. In A.D. 476 Odoacer, the leader of the German barbarians put an end to the flickering fame of the Roman Empire by expelling the last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustus. As the leaders were weak the barbarians from all sides of the empire attacked Rome. The Geographical barriers of the Rome had to surrender before the constant attacks of the barbarians. Rome had to defend from the rivers Rhine ( 820) miles and Danude (1,771 miles). As Thorpe observes, â€Å"from 180 A.D., the West depended upon mercenaries to defend its boundaries and relied more on arms than fortifications (no one thought that Rome would not endure forever)† (Thorpe 45). The Roman Empire never came out from it and this lead to the final downfall of the empire. Internal war and problems: It may be

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